Urban Adventure Activities

Urban Adventure Activities

Choose from Zorbing, Zipline, ATV, Wall climbing, boating and much more when you avail the Family, School and Corporate team outing package at the Rurban Village on arrival.

The highlight of our urban adventure activities are ATV & Zipline tours that are one of the best near Delhi NCR.

The RurBan Village is home to numerous adventure activities for those who like to live life on the edge and help keep the adrenaline junkie in you, alive!

Following are some of the activities that you can enjoy with us, at The RurBan Village:


(INR. 300* per person per lap)

ATV or All – Terrain Vehicles are small, quad-tired vehicles for one rider. Equipped with low-pressure tires, you can ride these quad bikes on all kinds of terrains. Going for an ATV ride you get the opportunity to run through around 1.5 km track that gives you fun-filled experiences of hill climbing, desert racing and much more!


(INR. 300* per person per chance)

A zip line is made up of a pulley appended to a stainless-steel cable extended between fixed points of different elevations. It allows a person, fastened to the moving pulley, to zip through from the high point to the low point of a cable by the help of gravity.

Wall Climbing/Tyre Climbing

(INR. 300* per person per chance)

Wall climbing is a challenging and fun filled sport. The Rurban Village has a pre-built mountain wall fitted with grips, that act as holds for your hands and feet and a unique Tyre Wall that has tyres tied into one another acting as a wall barrier to be climbed. For safety all climbers are first instructed and equipped with safety harnesses. This makes Wall Climbing a safe and enjoyable sport for you to engage in with your friends, and you can have a light competition between and see who’ reaches the top, fastest!


INR. 150* per person for 15 mins – Minimum 4 people required)

An all time favourite and enjoyed by all, this involves you being placed and ferried on a boat. You can choose to go at it alone, with your friends or family. Boating as a recreational sport is quite popular and often taken as an activity for relaxing the day’s fatigue and to beat the heat!

Body Zorbing

(INR 300/-* per person for 15 mins - – Minimum 6 people required)

Zorbing is a recreational sport that involves you, being placed inside a large, transparent, plastic sphere alongside your fellow friend, team mate or visitor. The sphere, which is transparent, allows you to watch all around you as you are able to run and walk, letting you control your movements. Once you have been safely placed inside and ready to move, you are free to bump and push the other participant that results in a hurt free and fun filled body fight.

It is a thrilling experience that you are sure to remember a lifetime!

Avail any of Urban Adventure Activities as per tariff


Avail one chance for any three Urban Adventure Activities at a special offer price of Rs. 680/-* per person!

*GST as applicable on above prices.