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Book Pre-Wedding Destinations, Wedding Venues and Best Event Places Near Delhi

Located next to the Gang Nahar and home of more than 70,000 plants, trees and 25 species of birds and mesmerising sunsets, The Rurban Village is your perfect destination to plan that special occasion in a scenic way!

What we offer

Pre-wedding, Weddings, Haldi, Mehendi, Birthday parties, Conferences, Get-togethers, parties and those special occasions: We take your special occasion as our own home event. We try all that is within our ability to make that special day memorable. Be it, pre-wedding shoots, Weddings, Haldi, Mehendi, parties or any other special occasion, The Rurban Village is your perfect event venue to delight your guests and offer them a memorable experience.

We take care of your food, drinks and organise the event for that special day while you enjoy and live in the moment!


Meetings and Conferences: Be it group meetings, conferences or brainstorming discussions, we are ready to organize the same for you. Our covered hall with projector and high end audio system is ready to be deployed when required for such events. Our kitchen is more than eager to serve the best of snacks and buffet lunch or dinner as called for by the occasion.

Services on offer

We know each occasion is different and calls for a special arrangement. The need of the hour is to customize the party as per requirements. Our customers get the following services to choose from and more:

Don't you find your favorites here? Don’t you worry, let us know and we will work to get things done to the best of our ability.

Venue spaces

Sabha Ghar (Total Capacity 100) – Want a perfect comfy and covered space where everyone can settle down? Sabha Ghar is the perfect indoor air conditioned hall for a total number of 100 people.

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Jal Tarang (Total Capacity of 200) - Nestled in between our exquisite accommodation area, next to our swimming pool is the Jal Tarang – open air seating space. Jal Tarang offers a peaceful venue that is nestled all around with nature and beautified by our cottages and tents. A top choice for those special occasions like Haldi, mehendi and get-togethers! Wherein guests can also stay for the night creating and cherishing those special moments!

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Moon Dance (Total Capacity 150) – With the center stage in place, move your legs to the musical tunes of nature. The lawn has a total capacity of 100 pax seating, while an additional 50 people can be accommodated standing. DJ music space and kids zone can be set up here for that lively atmosphere.

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Sun-Kissed (Total Capacity 100) - Low shadow seating and the wind passing through your hair, while the sunsets right in front of your eyes. That’s what you experience when you are seated on a table at the Sun Kissed space at The Rurban Village.

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Standing Ovation (Total Capacity 72) - Some people like to sit while a few consider standing to be their thing. With beautiful umbrella’s pitched at your table, you will mesmerize to keep standing in awe, that’s what the Standing Ovation space at The Rurban Village is all about!

Gol Chakkar ( Total Capacity 250): With a stunning center sitting area, this is our biggest lawn with a total capacity of 250 pax seating and floating. The lawn is close to the village activities with the stilt walker performance that adds charm to the occasion. This lawn is also easily accessible from all locations of the resort!

Services we offer

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    Light and Flower Decoration
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    Multi cuisine Menu to choose your favorite dishes from
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    DJ Music
  • pre-wedding destinations
    Rajasthani Folk Dance and Music
  • Romantic getaways
    Swimming Pool
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    Cocktail and snack counters
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    Host for the night
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    Total Capicity 800 Person