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Eco-Tourism near delhi

The Rurban Village has come into existence not only to create a community of travelers who like a Rural experience with Urban amenities but to bring together people towards a social cause. A rural tourism initiative to promote the rural culture and environment.

While it is important being human and showing responsibility towards society, it is also important to care for the environment which is the backbone for living beings. Hence the “Enviro-Social” initiative at The Rurban Village has always been at the forefront.

Our Environment-friendly initiatives:

A travel destination and resort created not by eradicating plants and wildlife but by sowing more plants and trees to create an adobe for wildlife to prosper!

The Rurban Village has been developed on a barren land by planting more than 70,000 trees and plants! With more than 100 variety plants already on the site. In fact, there are more than 50 varieties of palm, such as Areca Palm, Traveler Palm, Triangular Palm, Queen Palm, Date Palm, Phoenix Palm, Royal Palm, Foxtail Palm, and many more. Such varieties of plants help all visitors and especially children learn more about what nature has on offer all in one place. Witness the alluring variety of plants and a landscape to get you mesmerised once you are here at The Rurban Village!

Promoting the inhabitation of birds and other species.

Being Nature-friendly, not only interests guests but also attracts birds of all species! Surrounded with the lush green trees The Rurban Village is an adobe for more than 25 different species of birds! Good news for all you interested in bird watching, isn’t it!

Witness a glimpse of many rare species of birds like Brown-headed Kingfisher, White-breasted Kingfisher, Peacock, Green Bee-eater, Barbet, Babblers, Dove, Pigeon, Rufous treepie, Sunbird, Common Hoopoe, Spotted Owl, Great Cormorant, Bulbul, Red-whiskered bulbul, Black Kite, Common, Buzzard, Rose-Ringed Parakeets, Myna, White-eyed Warbler, Prinia and many more that keep pouring in all around the year making The Rurban Village a perfect destination for bird watching!

To create awareness towards the importance of nature

With such a variety of flora and fauna, it comes automatically for us to help introduce visitors to the environmental conservation and promotion of environment-friendly techniques.

To spread awareness about renewable sources of energy and energy conservation such as Solar power and water harvesting

At The Rurban Village, we have tried to focus on adopting renewal sources of energy wherever possible. We are highly engaged in activities to conserve water, management of waste, use of energy-efficient equipment such as Solar Panel, Drip Irrigation, Water Harvesting, etc. Be it solar powered street light, solar electricity, bio composting, etc. We have already adopted the same parts and are eagerly taking steps to incorporate such sources of energy to completely replace non-renewable sources of energy.

A showcase for Organic Farming

Around 2 acres of land at The Rurban Village has been dedicated to Organic Farming. Plants and trees such as Litchi, Pomegranate, Lemon, Guava, Spinach and such are grown throughout the year. All fertilizers and processing are done in an organic manner.

Our steps towards the welfare of society:

To uplift and promote rural employment and agriculture

We have made it our endeavor to promote village employment and agriculture. We do this by providing employment to the locals at The Rurban Village. We train them and educate them and help them overcome and break the societal lacuna that keeps them engaged in agricultural activities.

Promoting local sales

While we are catering to the tourists and guests visiting us, we take at most care to take all our raw materials - wherever possible - from the vendors in the village by creating demand and increased sales for the villagers. Thereby, helping to uplift the Rural Tourism.

Be a responsible tourist - make travelers more aware of the carbon footprint they leave behind

We take it as our responsibility to make our guests learn the importance and significance of not leaving any carbon footprint behind. Being a responsible traveler is the need of the hour! We discourage use of plastic and promote biodegradable materials.

Minimizing wastage and spreading awareness about sustainable agricultural techniques such as drip irrigation, compost making, etc.

At The Rurban Village, we are engaged in activities to conserve water, management of waste, use of energy-efficient equipment such as Solar Panel, Drip Irrigation, Water Harvesting, Bio Composting, etc. All these activities are well informed to the visitor so that the message about saving nature is spread across.

Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t just read and rejoice, step down to The Rurban Village and be a part of the Enviro Social Movement with us!